How to create a Business or Personal Facebook page?


How to create a Business or Personal Facebook page?

Facebook business or personal page is a public created page for business, organization, personality and Brand. Facebook business page provide easy and simple way for promoting and advertising business purpose or goal, because you can easily spread information related to business. Facebook business page are work much like personal profile page, so that these page are public visible online page and you can post status update, Printer links, event, photos and others type of videos.

When you are ready to create facebook business or personal page, first you have a facebook profile than go to create business page. If you have not a facebook profile than create facebook profile with any mail Id or phone number than create page. I have suggested always use a mail id to open facebook profile account. 

Now you have a facebook profile account, time to create business or personal page, you can go directly by click create FaceBook Business Page.

Step 1- Choose a Suitable Classification.

How to create a Good Facebook Business or Personal page?

The facebook page divided into six classifications.
1. Local Business or Place

2. Company, Organization, or Institution

3. Brand or Product

4. Artist, Band, or Public Figure

5. Entertainment

6. Cause or Community

It’s all classification are made for different purpose, so all page create in different ways.

Local Business or Place- About, Address, Hours, Price Range, Contact, Parking.

Company Organization or Institution- Founded Address, Mission, Products, and Awards.

Brand or Product- About, Founded, Products, Awards.

Artist, Band or Public Figure- Affiliation, Address, Birthday, Interests, Biography and Gender etc.

Entertainment- Release date about.

Cause or Community- Cause type, Description, Cause Groups.

I chose fourth option for step by step tutorial: Artist, Band, or Public Figure.

I chose to select Artist, Band, or Public Figure classification, than first I fill an official name for artist, brand or public figure page. Please be carefully when selecting your name, although facebook allowed changing again for name and URL. 

Step 2- Fill Complete Information

Open your front “Be Great at what you do” dialog for fill up your some information like- your First Name, Last Name, E-mail address and fill your password then click Sign up, than open a dialog box, which in this three option, first about, second Profile picture, and third preferred page audience.

Fill Complete Information facebook page

About Section

The about section will serve as the main two or three sentence describe for your company. It is your main page so that make it is descriptive and short, than choose your unique domain name in last of facebook web address to make it easier for people to remember your web page easily.

For example-You can see my facebook page below-

TechNSocial Blog Facebook Page

Profile Picture  

It is a next part, click and upload profile picture. You choose profile pictures from computer or Import from website, although I choose upload from computer. Always chose small and clear profile picture, and it is recommending size 180x180 pixels by facebook guidelines. 

Select Preferred Page Audience

There you fill up some type of information like- fill up location or include, which age group(18-65), Gender (all otherwise male or female) and last interest(which may interest you) and then click save. So chose very carefully all chosen criteria are able to see your page.

Step 3- Change Cover Photo

Now change your page cover picture that’s told a story or good feeling or unique related to your personality. First you choose your page cover picture a good quality or high resolution, that your cover picture qualities don not enough size and not a small size. You can always chose Horizontal cover, and remember its pixels size is 851 x 351.Chose page cover image related to your page activity and any good Image you like. Please choose good and clear image quality. .

Step 4- Click on About and Fill all Related Page Information

How to create a Good Facebook Business or Personal page?

Give detail about your page, category, page name, topic, facebook web address, start date, release date, short description, long description, email address and website.

For example- see facebook Business Page.

Page Information contain these categories-

Category- Websites & Blogs-



Facebook Web Address-

Start Date-

Release Date-

Short Description-

Long Description-



Step 5- Publish Your Post in your page

This is adding content and a picture in your page by publish a post, so you can add mostly some types of post through photo or video, text, event, and linking.

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