10 Benefits of Growing Old


10 Benefits of Growing Old

Aging can bring turkey neck, and sagging body, but there are a few benefits of growing old that might want you to grow old faster. Growing old for most people is not as bad as others would think, some of us actually look forward to it. You would too, if you knew these 10 benefits of growing old:

 1.    Happiness

A recent study showed that people are most happy as a child, and then in their early 70’s to late 80’s. The study also showed that people in their middle age are least happy. A similar study showed that you level of happiness start to climb back up when you between 65 and 85+ years old. Reason being they are able to tap into their emotional and social toolbox which comes with life experience. This has nothing to do with how your life has been, it is something deep that drives us towards happiness.

2.    Mind

Many people believe that with old age comes mental decline. A research study showed that older air traffic controllers excel at their mentally tough job, and are able to perform just as well as younger peers. If you are worried about your mind not staying sharp, you need to challenge your brain enough. Mental exercises is a great way to stay sharp in old age.

3.    Social Conflicts

Finally! Social conflicts will be easy to handle, as you will be better at reasoning, when talking about conflicts and social dilemmas. A study at the University of Michigan showed that older people are can understand different perspectives better, give better suggestions on compromise, and can come up with better reasonable resolutions than younger generation.

4.    Less Negativity

 Regardless of your demographics and social status, the older you get the less negative you are, making your self esteem higher. More 85 year olds are satisfied with themselves than 18 year olds these days.

5.    Less Migraines

As you age your migraines become less frequent and less severe. Migraines are most common in your teen years till the age of 50. This is because your body is changing, and the reason for a migraine attack decline.

6.    Sex Life

Studies suggest that satisfaction in the bedroom grows stronger with age. A study showed that women from 60 to 89 were more satisfied with their sex lives, than younger women.

7.    Mariage

Studies show that your marriage gets stronger in old age, as you learn to express more affection over the years. Another reason is that the stress periods of your marriage has brought you closer together. Happy and satisfied couples have shown better physical and mental health status than single men and women.

8.    Job

92% of workers aged 50 or above are more happy with their job. Which was compared to people who are 30 and younger, only 80% of which were satisfied with their current employment. Whereas 65% of 65 and above report highly satisfied with their employment. Experts suggest that this is because they have already worked up the corporate ladder, and are comfortable with their position.

9.    Priorities

When you are older you have a clear shot of how you life should be now, which gives you clear head to set your priorities straight. Which is why they prefer to spend time with family and close friends. Aging helps us to let go of the trivial, which allows us to focus on things that are more important.

10.  Emotional Stability

When you grow old you have a better hold on your emotional side, than you do now. When you grow older negative emotions such as sadness, fear, and anger become less pronounced in comparison. Which is why you can relax for the rest of your life, with less drama than teenage years.