16 tips to improve your personality development skill


16 tips to improve your personality development skill

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Tell me some of the days you dress the nicest, and I will quickly make you see that it is on those days when you feel most confident of yourself. Just think about it. These are days when you want your personality to shine through. So, you put more attention towards looking impeccable and turning people’s heads.
Research has shown that there is a strong relationship between how we look and how we feels personality development. Maybe you already know this, but do you also know that, not only do you dress good when you are feeling good; you can start feeling good when you dress good?
As a matter of fact, every little fashion details on your body can determine greatly how much of your personality shines through and what identity you are portraying of yourself. Hard facts based on extensive research has pointed out that a simple fashion of  personality development detail can give people ideas about your personality, status and position.
There is this thing called the Halo Effect, which research has gone to show that people improve their personality development when they usually think that other people who look attractive must also be more intelligent than their counterparts. If there is one way you can greatly control how attractive you look, it is through your clothes and accessories.
This is why you feel good when you put on that beautiful bracelet or ring. It goes to show how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. When present yourself in a certain way, you automatically want to live up to that image. When people see you, they approach you with that same image in mind.
As the way they address you keeps validating the identity you want to project, your confidence in personality development will improve and you would settle more easily into this identity, which would later become a part of you.
The beautiful thing about identities and personalities is that you can design them through practice. You can choose how you want to be perceived just by altering your looks.
This is not even just about how others think of you. You do not necessarily have to impress others. But what your dressing would do to how you carry yourself and approach life, business, and relationships is nothing short of amazing.
You see, when you look good on the outside, you also feel good on the inside. When you feel good, you start to take on life more confidently, treat people with enthusiasm and just enjoy the process. Your fashion choice may as well be your first step towards becoming the best version of yourself.
There are number of ways this plays out for you personally:


When you wear a nice accessory, a bracelet for example, you are telling yourself that you are worth more than just the ordinary. Simple attention to details will subconsciously condition you to see that you are worth more and do deserve more. Personality development will influence how you command respect and lead others.


Getting yourself a beautiful ring or scarf as a gift is a good way of showing love to yourself. After all, if you don’t pamper yourself, who will? Self-love is an important aspect of building a strong personality. When you truly love yourself, you can comfortably operate in your skin. Self-love can’t be hidden. When you treat yourself right, other people will contact the energy and treat you a whole lot better.

Sense Of Achievement

Make memories out of your proud moments by celebrating with a nice accessory that you can wear often. Not only does this serve you as a fashion detail, it will also serve as a constant reminder of what you are capable of. This will in turn help you stay bright, even when others are quaking.

Stands Out

A great fashion item like a beautiful pendant can help you quickly stand out in the crowd. Set yourself apart through your choice of accessories. While others might just throw just about anything on themselves, your deliberate attention to this would make a diamond in the rough, worthy of people’s admiration and compliments.

The Quality Rubs Off On You

Buying an accessory of high quality subliminally informs people that you are also a person of high quality. This will raise your appeal and make others want to associate with you. A person who considers high quality wears as investments into their personality development is taken seriously by others.

It Shows Your Bold Side

While most people stick to plain dressing and avoid using jewelries because they want to play it safe, getting yourself a few accessories would show that you are confident in yourself and aren’t scared to stand out from the pack. This is a leadership quality that is unmistakable. It is found unbelievably attractive.

With that said, we will now be taking a look at how a simple accessory can help you nail the perfect identity for you, and how you can take advantage of that. Below are a few accessories, and what they say about you. When you use these, you would be sending a statement that is hard to miss.

Semiprecious Rings

The first thing that beautiful semiprecious rings say is that you are bold and daring. You are not afraid to grab the bull by the horns. You live life to the fullest and don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy each moment. This is the kind of personality that draws a lot of people in.
It also shows that you know how to treat yourself. You are a royalty, and wouldn’t carry yourself anyway less. This particularly appeals to other forward-minded individuals.

Gorgeous Bracelets

These are beautiful ways to bring more power into your identity. It shows that you most likely love collecting beautiful things, thoughts, and memories. Depending on the type of bracelet you go for, it could also bring in some air of mystery that would make people find the thought of you intriguing.
You can choose to go for stacked bracelets, thereby adding even more color and personality to the mix. There are all sorts of ways to go with this, and the possibilities are as wild as your imagination.


This is one of the simplest ways to quickly stand out. A nice necklace with a breathtaking pendant will quickly let people know that you are not scared of the limelight. You are bold and love to shine. You don’t mind an adventure anytime. And you can hold your own in the face of challenges.


Another beautiful way to set yourself apart is by wearing a scarf. No matter if you have it on your head or around your neck, this simple accessory shows prestige and bring fun into your identity. It shows that you are fun-loving and at the same time can be reserved. A person with a scarf is more likely to be seen as warm and nice. People would surely feel easier to approach you when you have your scarves on.


The perception you generate with your earrings can vary greatly depending on their size, color, and type. While a small, hardly noticeable pair of earrings might signify that you are cool and reserved, a grander, more elaborate pair would show that you are bold and love to make a fashion statement. Your choice will quickly speak to your audience.


When you are seen spotting a watch, especially if that is your main or only jewelry, you present a glow of professionalism, punctuality and impeccability of your personality development. You are simply someone to be taken seriously. You are always on time and wouldn’t allow your time to be wasted unnecessarily. You pay attention to details at work and would quickly notice if something is amiss.

Reading Glasses

The same would go for reading glasses. There is this subliminal message that reading glasses are for nerds or serious professionals. Even if you don’t really need them, reading glasses can show that you love learning and take your tasks head-on. You are also automatically thought of as smart.


Compare the reading glasses with sunshades and you see a dramatic shift. While the reading glasses usually have the serious, nerdy undertone, sunshades usually show that you are chic and fun. You can be the life of the party or the office, as the case may be, and you love making friends. You also know your fashion, and would most likely rock your dresses.

Mini Bags

Mini bags show that you are an organized person who loves to keep things neat and compact. You also stick to the things that are necessary, like your wallet, card and keys. You don’t like to be pulled down by unnecessary loads and love your freedom.

Big Bags

On the other hand, big bags show that you always love to be prepared for anything. You don’t like having anything missing. You prefer to carry any functional thing you use with you, so that you can access them whenever you want them. Of course, no one has to know if all you have in there are a couple of cut out clothes as extra padding.

There is a lot of ways you can project different images, identities and personalities just by combining different accessories on different occasions, and there is a lot to experiment with. As a guide, here are a few suggestions:

Find accessories close to your present personality. There is no reason jumping from one end of the spectrum to the other. You would most likely feel too weird in your new-found identity, if the change is too rapid.
Choose to make improvements, one at a time. Pick one accessory that would move you closer to your dream personality and use that. If you love the result, get another piece. Build your identity subtly and you will more likely be able to maintain the switch.
Be confident with your choice. You might want to feel like a fish out of the water, and that is all right. However, understand that you are only reacting to the change personality development. Everything takes deliberate practice. So, keep up with the new identity switch and it would become the new you.
Focus on the result. You know you would feel good when you look good. You know this will improve how you perceive yourself and how others treat you. You are also aware that this will improve how you approach your life, business and relationships. These are the results you should focus on personality development. When you are clear on the benefits of looking good, the decision would become easier.