These are the best platform where you can start your own website


These are the best platform where you can start your own website

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When choosing a brand “home” for yourself online, there are a whole lot of options for you to pick from. The importance of web platforms can’t be overemphasized. An important factor of a solid brand image is a dedicated place for your followers to quickly reach you and stay in touch.
This is different from social media pages. You see, social media pages are for you to introduce your brand to more people, where these people are already gathered. A web platform is more than this. A web platform is where people visit to know more about you and have a deeper relationship.
It is the next step towards instilling your brand image in people’s mind. If your social media pages are your embassies in other “countries”, then your web platform is the White House. It is the seat of government. Everything flows in and out of here.
Another thing about web platforms is that you have greater control on them. Social media networks may shut down. Your page can even be disabled, just because of a policy. There are always rules you must obey, even if they are uncomfortable, and there are limits to customization. With social media, you are not fully in control.
But you can do much more with a web platform. Depending on the platform you choose, you can customize it as you please. You can have any content written on it. Of course, there are always rules, as should be. However, web platforms are the most you can get with true freedom to share your brand message in a pure, undiluted form.
If you want to establish your authority as a brand, it is really important to have your own web platform. The beauty is that you have a lot of options. In this chapter, we will be taking a brief look at some of the most popular web platforms today, so that you can decide on what is best for you.

Facebook Page

Facebook pages are the first place to start, because while it is still on a social media network, it is free and easy to set up. Even before wetting up your personal web platform, it is advisable to start here.
You can even advertise on it to drive traffic back to your main web platform, probably to a product you have on sale. It forms a great bridge between having your platform and staying solely on social media networks. When done well, the services can well be the backbone of your thriving business.


If you have handmade products and vintage items, from works of art to quilts, toys, and beauty products, you’ll surely love the opportunities offered on Etsy. Etsy is an e-commerce website with a difference.
It is designed for people with unique tastes, and speaks to certain dedicated demographic. Even factory made products will do well, as long as it is unique. In 2017, there are 1.9 million active sellers making money on Etsy.
When you open an account with Etsy, you will be tapping into the brand credibility of Etsy itself. That means you don’t have to work too hard to drive visitors to your product page.
With a little tweaks here and there, potential customers can find your products. Understand that there are fees to pay to Etsy, like listing fee, transaction fee, and payment processing fee.


Today, WordPress is the most popular content management system on the web. It powers many of the biggest brands online today. 27% of the whole internet is powered by WordPress. That means that, out of the 172 million websites we have today, around 75 million of them run on WordPress. If that doesn’t give you a hint of its power, what will?
This explains why so many top brands stick to the platform. WordPress has two systems for setting up your website. One is the shared hosting website, which you can run absolutely free on their server. This is a bit limited, but it is still a place to start.
However, if you want full control of what runs on your website, what you need is their self-hosted free installation. All you have to do is pay a hosting company to allow you host the free WordPress software on their server. Most hosting companies charge just a small monthly fee to keep your website running.
You can have your messages all over the website, run a blog, set up your personal e-commerce store, set up membership sites, start a forum, or even create a dedicated social media platform inside your website for your users.
You can customize your WordPress website virtually any way you want. If you need help, you can just hire a freelancer to set the website up for you. For what you would get out of this, it is all a small price.


Another beautiful web platform to consider is Wix. Wix is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop developed for people who would want to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites. One of its biggest selling point is how easy it is for even a beginner to find their way around. Right now, over 30 million mobile sites run on this platform.
With Wix, there are free and paid options. You can run Wix for free for as long as you want. However, if you want your own domain name and would love to enjoy premium features, then you should go for the paid options.


If you want to set up your own e-commerce website with as little hassle as possible, Shopify could as well be your safest and surest bet! Shopify was designed to make life easier for e-commerce owners. Over 600,000 merchants trust this platform to run their e-commerce business.
Everything needed to take your business from visiting the product page to fulfilling order is set up to be totally seamless. This works beautifully if you are considering running a dropshipping business. There are plugins that take care of virtually everything.
There is a free trial for anyone interested, before fees are introduced. You have the options to choose any of their plans you believe would work best for you.


SquareSpace is a platform that allows you to create beautiful websites, using their pre-made templates and the drag and drop functions. This platform run by a private company has over 2 million live websites running. It is known for its simplicity and all-in-one website solution. It even comes with analytics to know how your website is doing.
There is also a free trial for you before settling on their paid option. While this is not as popular as the others, it is worth a look.

Building your brand is a serious business. To be taken seriously, you have to invest in a web platform that would give you the most freedom and functionalities to grow. That is where you should review your own goals and make the best decision for the future of your brand.