10 Simple ways to make passive income online


10 Simple ways to make passive income online

passive income

Passive income is a way of generating money without dedicating too much time and energy towards its maintenance. This concept has been implemented strongly in recent years as a tool to gain financial freedom and time flexibility to get more time without the need to strictly comply with a schedule fixed every day.
This shouldn’t be confused with anything that promises to generate income for you without you doing anything. The way passive income works, you usually have to work super hard at the beginning, or alternatively employ the services of professionals who could do so on your behalf.
After the first wave of work, when the income starts rolling in, it requires much less work to keep things going smoothly. In fact, there are many passive income generators that you can virtually automate afterwards. Of course, more work has to be done to keep things growing, but this is way better than slaving all day, every day.

Passive Income VS Conventional Income

The main difference that makes passive income more attractive than conventional income is precisely the possibility of receiving an income derived from a product or work that no longer requires so much of your time and devotion, or at least, not as in its initial stage. As passive income they derive from activities that require little or no maintenance to continue generating profits.
Among the many activities that can be included within the passive income, we can distinguish those that require maintenance in the course of the activity so that they continue generating profits and those that only require initial work so that they begin to produce income. However, in any case, those that require maintenance to generate profits will always take less work and effort than a full-time job.

Why Generate Passive Income?

The money generated by a full-time job is temporary because they are generated while a particular job or activity is being done. To generate income again, the process must be repeated, using the same amount of time and effort to generate them. This can be extremely stressful.
Passive income is the direct opposite and solution to the problem encountered with a full-time job. It is generated regardless of whether time is spent or not, because after the initial effort and time are invested, they can be left alone or maintained with a minimum effort to keep generating income as a money-making machine that works for you when you are not there. This is the surest path to financial freedom.

10 Ways To Generate Passive Income

There are many ways or activities through which passive income can be obtained relatively quickly. Some of them require more effort and initial time, while others may require a minimum of maintenance so that the work continues to bring benefits. No matter which you decide to invest in, they are all an excellent option to generate profits that complement or your usual job. Let's take a look at some of them.

1. Create An Ebook

The creation of eBooks is a feasible, practical and lucrative way to generate money online. With massive marketplaces like Amazon in which you can generate monthly passive income with each of the sales, you can write an interesting book and get people to buy your books.
You don’t even have to get a publisher. You can simply publish your eBook yourself and get a huge percentage of the profit. If you could get your book in the face of interested audience, this can generate an impressive flow of income for you.

2. Membership

This is a beautiful way to earn passive income, especially if you can build a platform like a blog, which can be combined with other forms of monetization to generate passive income. This system consists of creating a private area of ​​members by which to access protected content in exchange for a monetized subscription.
You could share your knowledge on a particular topic on a regular basis. For visitors to access these discussions, they have to pay monthly subscriptions. The beautiful thing about this is that, if you can produce valuable contents, you can keep making recurring income from the same set of users, without having to spend too much in advertising.

3. YouTube Channel

Another complementary system to generate passive income is by posting high quality videos about a topic on YouTube. The most feasible at this point, is to invest some work in your update to keep growing. Set a regular schedule to keep adding more videos to keep your channel interesting.
However, the videos that have been posted will continue to generate revenue regardless of the growth of the channel, which will ensure a minimum profit margin with possibilities of expansion.

4. Advertising On Blogs

This system to generate passive income is maintained at the same point as the previous section, because the site that has been positioned will continue to generate income for a long time, although to maintain stability in profits it is always advisable to invest some time and work so that the site does not stagnate.
You can sign up with advertising platforms like Google AdSense. They will display advertisements on your website and pay you based on how well the advertisements perform. Obviously, you would need decent traffic stream to make this work. You could also choose to offer advertising space straight to interested buyers.

5. Affiliate Programs

This is a beautiful way to make money off your passion. If you write on a particular topic, just find products and services that your target audience would find interesting, see if they offer commissions on sales made through your referral.
If yes, you can place their banners on your site, or even write a review about them. When any visitor sees it and buys the product, even long after you’ve written it, you will get your commission.

6. Training Courses

This is another variant of the membership mentioned above. In this case, a series of contents are created around a topic or solution, and organized for easy access. The bundle can be accessed upon payment. It can also be managed in monthly installments if it is an extensive course that lends itself to it, or in a single payment.

7. Podcast And Audio Books

Podcasts and audiobooks are widely demanded formats to generate passive income because they are easy to produce and can be monetized quickly, which allows increasing production to multiply sales and, consequently, profits.
Podcasts can attract businesses that would want you to advertise their products to your listeners, with you making money through commissions. Audio books can be produced from your eBooks and could be sold on the side to those who prefer audio formats of learning.

8. Sell ​​Photographs

This is another interesting way to generate passive income specially developed for people with creative ideas. All you have to do is to have your works displayed on platforms as popular as iStockPhoto. Whenever the site users find your photos and decide to use them, they would be charged a fee, from which you receive royalties. To earn good money, it is recommended to upload a high number of photos to several of the available sites.

9. Sell ​​Products With Resale Rights

This is also a very lucrative way to generate money online in which virtually no effort is required to invest if you have a sales platform through which to establish the efforts as a website or a blog. You don’t have to create the products. Just buy the products and sell as if they were created by yours. You get to keep 100% of the profit generated.

10. Sell ​​Templates, Codes And Plugins

If you are a programmer or have knowledge of how to make templates for websites and blogs or program simple codes to cover specific needs, you can generate enough passive income by putting them up for sale on platforms with a lot of online traffic like WordPress.
This will work for skilled programmers, as they can easily create a product and sell for unlimited number of times.

As you can see, there are many ways to generate passive income that can supplement one another to increase your profits and automate the processes to save time and resources in the diversification of the final goal that consists of having several systems working for stable earnings that can replace the conventional salary totally or partially failing.
Start with one of these, and keep expanding. There is literally no limit to how much passive income you can generate with them.